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It’s no secret that summer programs are becoming crucial for students and parents in terms of education, job preparation, and life experience. Simply put, summer programs are cool now . . . or at least an important part of a college-bound student’s admission plan and an undergrad’s résumé. But how do you reach those students? How do you make your program stand out in a sea of thousands of options? Enter Carnegie.

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Whether you need to drive applications or increase attendance for open houses and tours, November is a critical period for getting your message out to the right prospects—fast—in order for them to take action. The beauty of digital advertising is it’s almost never too late to get an effective last-minute push out the door.

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What About Grad?

4 weeks ago
by Kevin Roane

Graduate enrollment tends to be an afterthought on some college campuses—that is until the undergraduate enrollment numbers begin to drop and the university needs to fill the gap. That’s when the graduate admission office becomes the cool kid at the party and everyone pays attention to them! But until that happens on your campus, you will probably find yourself saying . . . what about grad?

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The first NACAC conference I attended was in Washington, D.C., in 1977 (Elvis had died a few months before and the first Star Wars movie was in theaters). Back then admission inquiries were kept in shoe boxes, and if you gave a school a shoe box full of inquiry cards, you got a renewal. I remember that there wasn’t even an exhibit area; tables were set up between workshop rooms, and you had an easel with your company name on a plain white poster, a table, two chairs, and an ashtray. It was a lot simpler back then, to say the least. Exhibitors were friendly rivals, enrollment folks from competing schools would be seen together at dinner, student discount rates were almost non-existent, and very few schools went overseas to recruit.

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In what was a tumultuous year for admission offices across the country, how colleges and universities measured up to their enrollment goals varied significantly.

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