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Fiscal year budgets. With May 1 having just passed, concerns about melt at a peak, focus shifting to a rising senior class, and so much more, this is a time of year here at Carnegie where we are approached by a lot of colleges asking for information on how they can best use some remaining fiscal year budget dollars. It’s not the worst situation to be in to have some leftover resources like this, but it is critical that these dollars address key priorities for the institution.

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Deposits are in, commencements are wrapping up, and budgeting is full swing for the next fiscal year. With May’s whirlwind of activity, it’s often easy to relax your efforts in the summer and focus on putting together new fall marketing strategies. But let’s not forget that summer is a key time to get your digital campaigns underway, targeting those incoming juniors and seniors, whether they are just starting their college search journey or filling out those final applications.

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Apple Watch, HoloLens, and Cicret are all wearable devices emerging on today’s market. They are constantly connected to the Internet, allowing for notifications, promotions, and e-mails to be displayed in new and more immersive ways. My friends, we are in the future.

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Infographic: National Survey Reveals High School and College Students’ Favorite Sports, Exercise Habits, Diet, and More For Immediate Release

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Not Your Grandmother’s PURLs

3 weeks, 3 days ago
by Alexa Poulin

Okay, we aren’t really talking about pearls, as in those white shiny orbs that come out of oysters; we are talking PURLs as in personalized URLs. But all puns aside, you should familiarize yourself with PURLs, because they are incredibly effective marketing tools.

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