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At the AMA Symposium for Higher Education in Chicago, Carnegie Communications and Chestnut Hill College presented a session to a packed house that focused on strategies to help address the changing landscape of predictability within the enrollment funnel: X inquiries no longer lead to Y applicants, which no longer lead to Z deposits. A variety of factors have led to these changes, but there are things that can be done to help address them. Here are some highlights . . .

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It’s almost here, the big day, the infamous Friday of all Fridays: Black Friday. It’s the one day a year that claims the biggest bargains and the best day to complete all your holiday shopping. As a consumer you feel like you’ve got to get out there before sunrise and muscle your way through the mall or you might miss out on the deal of the century. As a merchant you look at this day as the biggest retail day of the year and try to determine how you are going to beat your competitors who are all screaming “SALE” at the same time. How do you get noticed between all those 50% off signs—and how does this relate to Student Search?

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WESTFORD, MASSACHUSETTS—November 10, 2015—Carnegie Communications, a leader in integrated marketing and enrollment solutions for education since 1985, and Dartlet, one of the industry’s most promising and innovative strategic consultancies, today announced a strategic alliance that delivers comprehensive communication services to its clients in higher education. By unifying Carnegie’s lead generation, digital, and direct marketing services with Dartlet’s first-of-its-kind personality research and reputation management solutions, the alliance offers a distinct set of tools and solutions to help clients reach more of the right people, with the right message.

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Google and Yahoo are back together again. This important relationship fizzled out in 2004, but it’s now back in play, which is big news in the search industry. But what does that mean for you?

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Why Red Matters

1 month ago
by Melissa Rekos

The simple answer: impact! When I meet with our partners in admission, enrollment, or marketing, we start to talk about everything we can do to help and all the things they want to accomplish. Sounds great, right? But here's the problem: we have to ask, "can we make an impact if we spread the plan too thin?"

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