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In today’s mobile-centric world, the most effective marketing strategies are designed around the needs of mobile users. In fact, the most recent rollout of Google updates were developed with mobile users at the forefront. But Google isn’t the only one acknowledging the shift to mobile—Facebook’s all-in on the mobile marketing game as well.

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It’s not uncommon for colleges and universities to come across the need to delete webpages. Perhaps you recently renamed a program and now you are left with two pages for the same major. Or maybe an event has come and gone and you want to delete the page advertising it now that it’s over. While deleting pages that are no longer relevant seems like a logical approach, it actually can negatively affect your site’s search engine visibility and user experience.

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SERP Google seo

The digital marketing landscape has exploded in higher education over the last five years. Higher ed marketers are embracing these important digital advertising strategies in their overall recruitment marketing plans. But in a space that keeps changing, it can be hard to keep up. (You don’t have to tell us—we live and breathe this every day!)

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The Latest From Our Partners at Google

Oct. 3, 2016
3 weeks, 2 days ago
by Mark Cunningham

Recently, I got to experience one of the benefits of being a Google Premier Partner. I, along with several other Carnegie team members, had the opportunity to visit the Google NYC office for a day for the sole purpose of learning all about the amazing new capabilities and strategies they’ve been developing. We also learned how to best leverage the insights and expertise they have to offer to deliver even more value for the campaigns we run for our clients.

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For Immediate Release—WESTFORD, MA, September 20, 2016—Carnegie Communications and Semcasting, partners in higher education digital advertising, are pleased to announce the introduction of the Mobile Footprints technology—expanding the reach and power of IP and mobile device targeting.

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