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How Do Your Numbers Look?

6 days, 11 hours ago
by Mark Cunningham

Last week I visited 12 different college campuses and admission offices. With it being just a couple weeks shy of May 1, the conversation of course took the direction of how numbers were looking so far this spring. Here’s some of what I heard...

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For the better part of 20 years, I’ve heard that my home state of New Jersey is one of the biggest exporters of college-bound students in the country, with about half of those choosing four-year schools going out of state. And that’s great, but I also know that this kind of mass student exodus—and the never-ending quest to reach those students fleeing their home states—drives admission offices crazy!

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In an earlier Digital Byte this year, we discussed some key Analytics metrics that can give you performance insight on a branding campaign utilizing online display. Those metrics included looking at increases in new and return visitors, monitoring pages per visit, and identifying trends in brand keyword search. Now, we’ll focus on how the Google Analytics Custom Campaign section can help you determine a campaign’s effectiveness by analyzing visit duration—and that elusive bounce rate.

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Have you spent the last few weeks and months agonizing over creative, content, and execution of your sophomore and junior Search? If you are in higher ed marketing, admission, or enrollment, you probably have! Now that your campaign is in full swing, do you ever stop and wonder what students really think about what you are sending? And are you taking into consideration all the other mail and e-mail they are getting in aggregate? We do! And that is why we follow and listen to what students have to say (check out #collegemail on Twitter to see for yourself). It is loud and clear: they are getting a ton of information—and they don’t appreciate getting dozens of cookie-cutter marketing pieces all on the same day. Also, it would appear that these materials were not necessarily created with the student in mind.

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Whether you’re currently running an online display campaign or you’re considering executing one, there is plenty to consider—and we get plenty of questions along the way! That’s why we wanted to tackle some of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Carnegie—from the ins and outs of Retargeting to the best ways of analyzing your display campaign. We hope you find them helpful as you move through your display marketing plans this spring. (And if you have any other questions, you know who to call!)

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