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Poor branding, flat messaging, and meager user experiences are fighting against your display advertising campaign. These tips will help your banner ads stand out and shine amongst the crowd.

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Digital Byte: Why Schools Need Local SEO…Right Now

June 13, 2016
8 months, 1 week ago
by Angie Ward

If you’re a school that draws locally—whether you’re PreK–12, a community college, or even a continuing education program serving adults within driving distance—local search engine optimization could be the key to improving your online presence to both prospects and parents alike.

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The usual challenges for college enrollment officers are being profoundly impacted by outside forces; namely, significant demographic change within our country and an economy that is stagnant for most families. At the same time, there is a projected need for a college-educated workforce. How can colleges meet enrollment and tuition revenue goals while contributing to the nation’s future economy?

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If it seems as though Google is changing all the time, it’s most likely because they are. And Google announced at their Performance Summit this week that we marketers can expect even more changes in the near future. A few of those updates really stood out to us, including expanded text ads and “mobile-first” bidding, both of which could have a significant impact to our digital strategies moving forward.

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So you’ve got a marketing budget to reach your prospective online or adult students. Great. Now what? Where are they? How do you build an audience to market to when you don’t have the luxury of a list to buy or students with a set timeline to take a test and enter school?

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