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As another college open house season approaches, I’m reminded of the many times I’ve heard enrollment marketers say, “We’re going to do another Facebook campaign because that seemed to work last time.” And while that is likely the case, there is a free tool that can tell you exactly which digital marketing channels drove the most event signups: Google Analytics.

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Here at Carnegie we’ve been writing about the benefits of a well-strategized higher education Retargeting plan for years. From advising enrollment marketers on when to implement a Retargeting campaign way back in 2012 to why it’s unlike another billboard drive-by in 2013, and just last year when we wrote about why higher education marketers still need Retargeting.

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As digital marketers at Carnegie Communications, we’re actively in our clients’ Google Analytics (GA) accounts, gaining insights into how different marketing campaigns are impacting their website and enrollment needs in order to optimize our efforts or make recommendations to the school.

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Digital Byte: Why Schools Need Local SEO…Right Now

June 13, 2016
8 months, 1 week ago
by Angie Ward

If you’re a school that draws locally—whether you’re PreK–12, a community college, or even a continuing education program serving adults within driving distance—local search engine optimization could be the key to improving your online presence to both prospects and parents alike.

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Retargeting, in its infancy, was commonly thought of as creepy ads that follow you wherever you go after leaving a website. A constant reminder of that thing you almost bought but didn’t. But that’s so 2009! Retargeting has evolved over the years, and across all industries—including higher education—it remains to be one of the most effective marketing strategies for reinforcing brand and optimizing for conversions.

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