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Highlights From the 1st Annual Digital Insights for Graduate Enrollment Report

July 25, 2018
6 months, 3 weeks ago

Officially released in June, the Digital Insights for Graduate Enrollment Report is now available for download at

The report involves a collaboration between Carnegie Dartlet and the Association for Graduate Enrollment Management (NAGAP), with data and insights from Google, and offers a comprehensive look into the digital landscape for graduate enrollment marketing and strategy.

Some of the key highlights and themes covered in the report show a diverse mix of need and opportunity when it comes to digital marketing for graduate enrollment.

We have an expectations and measurement problem

While graduate programs are using an array of digital strategies to try to accomplish a broad range of goals, there’s a gap between strategy use and measured success. With attribution happening across different devices and platforms, involving multiple touchpoints throughout the process, technologies that help paint a fuller picture on what’s working and contributing to success on campus are available and are continuing to develop. 

When students are asking Google, are you the answer? 

There is a trend of prospective graduate students turning to Google with more of an open mind than in the past. More and more, audiences are asking questions and doing their research without a specific school name in mind. Today, both Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization present opportunities to be the answer to those questions in better ways than ever before.

All roads lead to your website

The role your website plays, and the difference it can make, is potentially the most significant factor of all. Potential students are visiting far more frequently and far more pages than you may realize. To have a successful website, you need to provide a great user experience, be as personal and relevant as possible with your content and calls to action, and have pieces in place to impact conversions during and after their time on your site.

With so much online and mobile consumption, there are more and more “micro-moments” available to help influence student behavior

Some of the best opportunities for creating awareness and developing interest lie in the micro-moments we all experience when we’re online. While many would love to have every approach lead directly to a tangible and specific result, there are valuable digital strategies that play much more of an overall branding role for graduate programs.

When it comes to social, stay focused

While it’s important to keep our eyes open to new opportunities, it’s vital to make sure we’re focused on the social platforms that are best for the graduate-specific audiences we need to engage with. Thinking about where they’re spending their time, why they are there, and the opportunities available to reach and connect with them are all key.

Last but not least, remember where to start

With any marketing plan, effective reach begins by identifying goals and target audiences and then selecting the tactics that your data show are most likely to achieve those goals and reach that audience. Never start with tactic—always start with “what are your goals?” and “who is your audience?”

There’s a ton to dig into with the report itself as it examines where the graduate enrollment industry is today and where it’s going when it comes to digital marketing. Specific strategies explored include social media, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), mobile marketing, Retargeting, website personalization, and Display advertising. Combined with Google behavioral data for graduate and adult audiences, the Insights Report explores what’s working in digital marketing to properly reach and influence this prospective student set.

You can download the report at Contact us today to learn more about effective and proven digital strategies and campaigns that will have a significant impact on your graduate enrollment.

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