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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Higher Education

At Carnegie we’re not just experts in digital marketing—we’re experts in higher education digital marketing. We were the pioneers in introducing digital marketing strategies for colleges— and we’ve been the leader ever since.

We are continually discovering new and better ways to create effective campaigns that move the dial and yield measurable results. Here’s how:

  • Strategic Partner: We are a partner, not just a vendor with whom you have a transactional relationship.
  • Higher Education Professionals:  Carnegie has been in the higher education industry for 30+ years. We understand the enrollment cycle, challenges you face, and expectations of your prospective students.
  • Google Premier Partner: We were handpicked to join Google’s Premier Partnership program, which means we have a dedicated Google-appointed team and access to the newest Google technology and products.
  • Full-Time Staff and In-house Execution: Our team of in-house experts lives under the hood of each and every one of your campaigns,prioritizing performance above all else.
  • Sole Source Services: We provide services other firms can’t, like Mobile Footprints, higher education–specific affinity networks, targeting built on 30 years of data, and a 85%+ IP Targeting match rate.
  • Execution, Evaluation, and Education: We execute efficient technical campaigns, provide ongoing evaluation and monitoring, and facilitate a two-way communication channel.

Services and strategies include:

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