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Carnegie Clarity

Finally, there’s Clarity

Carnegie Clarity™ is the website personalization and full-funnel marketing attribution tool for higher education. Clarity provides rich data and insights on engagement behaviors and leverages this information to deliver a personalized experience on your website. This is your next step in truly personalizing your recruitment communications and meeting students’ on-site expectations. 

Here’s what Clarity can do for your college or university:

Data Collection

Clarity will track all users to your website, from all marketing channels, from their very first interaction with your site. Anonymous and identified user information is tracked, and all marketing channels can be assigned attribution.

The benefits:

  • Identify website interactions for anonymous and identified site visitors
  • Lift the veil on “stealth applicants”
  • Track demographic information, website interactions, and influencing marketing channel
  • Pair website interactions and CRM enrollment metrics for full-funnel data
  • Marry anonymous and identified user profiles

Segmentation & Personas

Clarity uses the data tracked on your site to create visitor segments, also known as personas. Using personas, your data can be turned into actionable insights.

The benefits:

  • Build personas and student segments, including suspects, prospects, admitted, enrolled, major of interest, and degree level, as well as interest segments (i.e., financial aid interest)
  • Build individual profiles
  • View persona dashboards
  • Determine ROI by marketing channel
  • Define engagement levels and KPIs 

Content Strategy & Design

This is where the magic happens. Our higher education and digital marketing experts step in to develop a strategic response to the insights gleaned from Clarity data. We'll build a custom on-site communication strategy and develop personalized content unique to your institution and your students’ individual journeys.

The benefits:

  • Identify and resolve pain points in your website experience
  • Identify important key performance indicators in your student journey with multi-touch attribution and remove barriers to conversion
  • Optimize your entire marketing plan with rich behavioral data from your audience personas
  • Identify and promote relevant on-site content for each phase of the student journey
  • Develop relevant content that can be overlaid on your website to enhance the on-site experience

Personalized Content Delivery

With Clarity, you can deliver the right message to the right student at the right time. Once strategy and design are in place, we’ll deliver personalized content that blends seamlessly with your website to streamline your students’ experience. We’ll promote information specific to their interests, elevate your calls-to-action, and remove barriers to accessing relevant content.

The benefits:

  • Inbound strategies to streamline calls-to-action personally and seamlessly on your website
  • A/B test on-site creative
  • Create a seamless campaign experience by coordinating on-site experience with your paid marketing strategy
  • Optimize your paid digital marketing strategies with Clarity insights
  • Collect data on improved engagements for further refinement
  • No need to integrate with your CMS—we’ll host and deliver integrations

Clarity gathers behavioral data, makes it actionable, and delivers an experience your students expect. With Clarity, you’ll make the most of every opportunity a student gives you on their path to enrollment. Contact us today to gain Clarity in higher education enrollment. 

Ask us how Clarity works hand in hand with SEO, Retargeting, and your social media strategies. 

Check out the demo to see how a personalized user experience can nurture your prospective students!