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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing for Higher Education

Students are checking their phones 150 times (or more!) per day. Using the latest mobile targeting technology, Carnegie can help you interact with prospects and their parents on the devices they use the most.

Use mobile specific strategies.

Target mobile devices of prospects based on specific locations they visited and deliver ads to their devices wherever they go.

Mobile Location-Based Targeting/Geofencing

Build audiences for mobile delivery by capturing devices at key locations such as feeder high schools, community colleges, businesses, hospitals, and more! Carnegie has geofenced thousands of locations and can geofence any location you provide. Serve ads while they are within the location or after they have left to expand your reach, frequency, and relevance—which adds up to higher engagement.

Mobile Footprints

A proprietary service of Carnegie, Mobile Footprints combines the power of Mobile Location Targeting with IP Targeting to expand the reach of your digital advertising campaign. Mobile Footprints matches the devices captured through geofencing and links those phones to their home IP address, so your ads can be seen on any device and by any individual operating on the home IP.

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