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Online Display Advertising

Online Display Advertising

Display advertising is a powerful strategy providing incredible branding and awareness exposure for your institution. Presenting your school’s banner ads across websites in a variety of sizes and formats delivers a frequency of message and keeps your school top-of-mind for prospects—exactly where you want to be.

We make it easy

At Carnegie, we simplify the planning and execution of display campaigns by managing all elements, including strategic planning, media placement, hypertargeting, ad creation (if needed), and continuous optimizations.

Build a great audience, get unprecedented branding exposure

We are experts in targeting for higher education clients and building the right audiences through geotargeting, audience segmentation, look-alike audiences, behavioral targeting, and Retargeting. We understand who your prospects are, the behaviors they exhibit, and how to craft an impactful message to make your brand stand out. Targeting and delivering millions of impressions, display advertising is easily the best way to build awareness in new markets or fortify your presence in your best markets.

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