Join us January 23-24, 2019 for our annual Carnegie Conference!
Jersey City, NJ - November 14, 2018

Jersey City Digital Marketing Workshop

Saint Peter's University
The Mac Mahon Student Center
47 Glenwood Avenue, Duncan Sky Room, 6th floor
Jersey City, NJ 07306

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8:00–8:30 am
Registration and breakfast
8:30–9:00 am

The Digital Landscape in Higher Education

We don’t go online—we live online. And so do your prospects. To kick off the day, we’ll set the stage with the significance of this reality in today’s digital world and what that presents for us to reach and engage prospective student audiences throughout the micro-moments of their online lives and experiences.

9:00–9:45 am

Laying the Foundation: Optimizing Your Biggest Marketing Tool—Your Website

Your website is the foundation of all your marketing efforts. Every student who applies to your institution will interact with it. In this session, we’ll go over how to optimize your website for both user experience and search engine visibility. Topics will include content, landing pages, RFI forms, and more. You’ll learn how to ensure that your website isn’t just where you send campaigns but also an inbound marketing tool that attracts new users and provides good user experience for all prospective and current students, no matter how they got there.

9:45–10:30 am

Psychographics Are the Future of Marketing—Starting Now

Know your customer—it’s a fundamental rule of business. Without an in-depth knowledge of your buyer, your institution is subject to the common “spray and pray” method of student attraction. Basic enrollment data isn’t enough. You must know your ideal students at the most personal levels possible—their affinities, emotions, and psychological drivers. The interplay of psychographics over demographics is where the magic really happens, and this is yours for the making in higher education. Know and differentiate your students at the psychographic level, and you will be able to find them—and connect with them—in ways never before possible. In this session, we will explore the role of demographics and psychographics in enrollment marketing and walk away with research methods and tactics for implementation.

10:30–10:45 am
Morning Break
10:45–11:15 am

Building Branding and Awareness Through Online Display

If they don’t know you exist, how can they go looking for you? Branding and awareness campaigns are key to having a robust presence in your market. In this session, we will explore branding in higher education and the critical role online Display advertising plays. We will look at different types of Display ads, the many ways to reach your target audience, and how to ultimately achieve specific goals such as general branding, program awareness, increasing event attendance, and driving paid and organic search.

11:15 am–12:00 pm

Advance Your Social Media Marketing Strategies for Recruitment

With a constantly changing landscape, it can be difficult to know the best approaches to finding your target audience on social media. In this session, you’ll discover who is using social media and which networks appeal to which demographics. We’ll discuss how to leverage various tactics and the platforms’ extensive targeting capabilities such as location, age, gender, list matching, and Retargeting to help meet your admission goals. Lastly, we’ll share some best practices on how to create targeted messaging, videos, and images that inspire your audience to learn more about your school, event, or exciting campus culture.

12:00–1:00 pm
1:00–1:45 pm

PPC: Developing a Strategy and Staying Up to Date with Trends

In the past year, there have been many changes in paid search marketing. Marketers now have access to several new and promising targeting features, ad formats, and options for reaching qualified prospective students. In this session, we will explore some Pay-Per-Click best practices, top features, and how to stay on top of this ever-changing landscape to ensure your PPC campaigns continue to be effective.

1:45–2:15 pm

Tracking and Measuring: What Can We Learn?

With all the great tools that are out there, a challenge still remains in marketing: how do I know the impact? In this session, we will examine different ways you can track and measure your campaigns. This will cover simple solutions involving your own Google Analytics as well as opportunities that exist with robust marketing tracking technology.

2:15–2:45 pm

What Now? Practical Applications and Examples

After a day filled with learning about so many digital strategies and tactics, you may wonder how you can put these into practice to meet the needs of your institution. Whether you want to build awareness about a program or school, get registrants to an event, or increase inquiries, applications, and deposits, knowing what strategies have worked best for each goal is critical. We’ll wrap up the day with a walk-through of specific and real-life examples of different digital strategies applied to a variety of goals and the impact they can have.