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Lead Nurturing

Keep the conversation going

Let us make the initial connection to your inquiries for you. Through our Custom Response Service, after a student requests information from your institution through our websites, e-mails, or magazines, we will send them a branded, customized response with your school’s message, image, logo, and/or custom creative. Carnegie does the work but remains invisible to the student, and your inquiries turn into enrollments!

Why stop with just one e-mail? We can build a customized, ongoing communication and lead nurturing campaign to help you manage your inquiries. Let us create and deliver a series of targeted and highly personalized direct mail and e-mails to keep your institution top of mind with your best prospects. Through multiple touch points, we’ll keep the interest going and drive student response directly back to you. We’ll do the work and you’ll get the reward.

Let us help you. Contact us to get started!