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Online Strategies for Undergrad, Grad, and Private School Recruitment

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In a recent article, Associated Press writer Justin Pope addressed one of the new realities of American higher education—our institutions are relying on tuition revenue from foreign students more than ever. According to Pope, Indiana University had 87 undergraduates from China on campus five years ago. This year the total is 2,224 ("US Colleges Look to Foreign Students," November 13, 2012). An increase of 25 times the number of Chinese students might seem extraordinarily high; however, the numbers of international students have been growing exponentially at campuses across the country.

Carnegie Communications offers proven services for international student recruitment. Our American Colleges & Universities magazine (AC&U) reaches over 200,000 students in 175 countries, making it the most widely used source of information for international students looking to study in the United States.

We are also the first higher education marketing firm to offer a solution for international digital recruitment. Given the high costs of international travel and postage, reaching this population online is an optimal solution, but, until recently, this was nearly impossible. However, our expert digital team has developed a proprietary geotargeting schema of the international market. They have broken down every nation across the globe by their inherent distribution zones (region, major city, states, districts, provinces, etc.) and summarized the total population that exists in each zone/area, total potential Internet user reach, and estimated undergraduate (17—19-year-old) population. This provides us a simple planning tool to develop an online media plan determining market size, reach, impressions distribution, and cost. Layering digital marketing with ACU has allowed our clients to cut costs and generate more international inquiries at the same time. For more information on ACU and digital marketing, please visit

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The Carnegie Conference

Carnegie Conference

Integrating Traditional & Digital Marketing Strategies

The ongoing challenge to reach, communicate, and establish your brand with prospective students, alumni, and key influencers has become much more complicated with the advent of the digital revolution.

Join us to learn about implementing digital strategies into your traditional marketing plan.

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Graduate Student Recruitment

Struggling to Build Your Graduate Program?

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A simple change in your method of outreach could be the key. In a recent presentation at the New England Graduate Admissions Professionals Conference, Mark Cunningham, Vice President, Client Services, and Stacey Poehler, Executive Director, Project Strategy, revealed some interesting findings from a recent Carnegie study on graduate student recruitment.

Of the 1,600 prospective graduate students who participated in the national study, an overwhelming 60% stated that e-mail is their preferred way to communicate with a prospective graduate program. These students identified their top three reasons for getting a graduate degree as job advancement, salary enhancement, and intellectual development. So, what does this mean for your graduate program? Keep sending e-mails and make sure your messaging reinforces job opportunities, earning potential, and your academics. Contact if you are interested in attending a free webinar discussion of this research.

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