Digital Byte: Playing a Digital Role in the College-Search Journey

by Angie Ward

Angie Ward

College is one of life's largest investments for both students and parents. As with life's other big-ticket purchases like cars and houses, the college decision requires ample and unique research. And it's a far cry from the research people are accustomed to doing online, whether they're searching for the right pair of shoes to go with a dress, or the right contractor to repair a roof. To reach, engage, and ultimately convert a consumer during this process requires an entirely different approach than advertising any other product. What does all this mean for you? As an educational

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Getting Down to Business

by Mark Cunningham

Getting Down to Business

Carnegie Communications is excited to announce we've added a Business Edition to the PC&U suite of recruitment services! Since 1985, PC&U has been at the forefront of response-driven communication, marketing, and recruitment services for colleges and universities, and the Business Edition now enablesschools to reach over 400,000 prospective students planning to major in business-related fields. With access to all College Board and NRCCUA names, along with select ACT names and our own proprietary database, no other solution

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Downton, Downtime, and Data??

by Stacey Poehler

Downton, Downtime, and Data

I have been hearing a lot about the TV show Downton Abbey over the last two years. It sounds like a good show and everyone keeps telling me I would enjoy it, yet I haven't had time to watch a single episode. I keep saying to myself, "I'll get to Downton when I have some downtime," but when I do have a little free time in my schedule, it quickly gets filled by something else, and Downton remains on my to-do list.

Given the cyclical nature of admission and marketing work, I am used to this sort of thing. And so are you. I am sure there are…

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Going Global: A Quick Quiz

by Alice Huang

Going Global

"International" is a huge buzzword in the education world today. Many schools talk about being globally minded and wanting to attract international students. So the question is: is your admission department truly equipped to compete for international students? Heres a quick quiz to assess how sophisticated your team is in its international recruitment strategy.

1. Have you factored international holidays and major sporting events into…

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Opening Remarks: 2013 Carnegie Conference

by Joe Moore

Joe Moore

Good morning and welcome to the 2013 Carnegie Conference. Let me begin by saying…print is dead.

Just checking to make sure my staff is awake. By the looks on their faces I believe they are.

If that statement were true we wouldn't be here…

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Retargeting: Not Just Another "Drive By"

by Jennifer Lonchar


I do a ton of traveling for my job: flying, then driving, and then flying and driving some more. My friends and family know that my car is my second home during travel season and the time I'm most available to talk is when I am…

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Around the Web

with George LaRochelle

Around the Web

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Age, Gender Determine 'Go-To' Devices The younger the audience the more inclined they are to use computers, tablets, and smartphones as their primary source of news as opposed to TV. Check out these statistics on age and gender that may surprise you on where your audience is.

Timeless Marketing Truth #1: Slow and Steady Wins the Race Slow and steady executed at "Internet speed" is a new variation of the old adage incorporating continuous innovation. Use data to guide your marketing decisions and always be testing and trying to improve on it. Slowly and steadily executing on a winning strategy.

6 E-mail Marketing Myths E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and increase sales/conversions. There are some unwritten rules of e-mail marketing that may or may not always be true. You may be able to take advantage of one of these "Myths" to help with your e-mail campaigns.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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