Applying Idioms to Your Digital Marketing

by Stacey Poehler


Fish Where the Fish Are…Birds of a Feather Flock Together… Age-old idioms are age-old for a reason: they're grounded in sound advice and observation. When you can apply these time-tested truths to your marketing strategy, you know you're doing something right!

Take direct mail, for example. It's a tried-and-true recruitment strategy. However, it works best when it is grounded, even loosely, in the principles of Geodemography–taking both geographic ("fish where the fish are") and demographic ("birds of a feather flock together") characteristics into consideration when building your distribution list, whether you are buying names…

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Digital Byte: Spend Wisely this Spring with SSON: A Highly Targeted Online Display Network

by Angie Ward

Digital Byte

A common predicament among college admission and marketing professionals is getting a measurable return on investment in their online marketing efforts. You find yourself wondering if something worked or not, if there was an increase in applicants, conversions, or website traffic as a result of a display campaign. Measurable impacts are all very important, but there is a fundamental strategy that needs to take place first to ensure you're set up from the beginningto produce a maximum return. It boils down to reaching the highest number of potential students you can in the areas where they live. And not just any students but the ones in line with your admission requirements and preferences, right down to their grades, test scores, lifestyle, and family income. By isolating this audience

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Praise for PC&U

by Mark Cunningham

Praise for PC&U

Congratulations Gonzaga–Ranked #1 in NCAA Men's Basketball!

With Gonzaga enjoying their success this past week for their men's basketball program, we're kicking off with some of their feedback on why they (and several other schools) rank PC&U so high for their recruitment and enrollment marketing efforts…

"Gonzaga University has seen outstanding benefits from advertising in Private Colleges & Universities for the past 21 years. The leads we gain with the different PC&U guides are strong leads with a solid conversion from inquiries to applicants, especially in comparison to other…

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Marketing Fashion Trends in Education

by Meghan Dalesandro

Marketing Fashion Trends in Education

When I was still in school, we all had overalls-they were totally the cool thing to wear. Overalls were effective, looked good (any Kris Kross fans out there?), and respected as a part of fashion-but sadly, they slowly phased out. Then the opinion became, "Oh my, she's wearing overalls? That's so 1992."

Let's compare this to marketing. Consider print, and later e-mail, to be the overalls of marketing. Print was well-established, and we can all remember when it had its day as a marketing fashion must-have. Then e-mail became wildly popular in the early 2000s and was all the rage–the new overalls, if you will. Colleges were transitioning accordingly: if you were buying lists, you were likely buying…

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with George LaRochelle

Around the Web

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Google Tag Manager Helps You Sort Out Code Overload

Using Google Tag Manager, you can take back some of the responsibility for your website from the IT department. After the initial setup, you can use it to make changes to the analytics code on your site on your own schedule.

6 Social PR Secrets to a Better Website

According to Lisa Buyer, "A bad website is like a flat tire: you can't go anywhere until you change it." Find out how to take your website from a liability to a star performer for your school.

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