Carrnegie Conversations
December 2015
How Retargeting Almost Ruined Christmas

How Retargeting Almost Ruined Christmas

Alexa Poulin

We are in the final countdown to Christmas, and my holiday shopping is pretty much winding down. I am not the procrastinating type, and I like…

Making a List and Checking it Twice: How to Get More from Your Student Search List

Making a List and Checking it Twice: How to Get More from Your Student Search List

Meghan Dalesandro

It's that time of year. You're logging into your list sources and running counts and working…

All That Glitters Isn't Gold!

All That Glitters Isn't Gold!

Melissa Rekos

In marketing we often get excited when we learn of new ways that technology can help us reach our exact audience with the perfect message….

Digital Byte: Put PPC at the Top of Your Marketing Wish List (Again)

Digital Byte: Put PPC at the Top of Your Marketing Wish List (Again)

Angie Ward

There are a lot of shiny new toys out there this holiday season. The iPhone 6 and Star Wars everything seem to be must-haves…


One-Day Digital Marketing Conference–Save the Date!
Save the date and come join Carnegie and our partners at Google for a day of free learning at our one-day Digital Marketing Conference deep dive. During this day-long free event, you'll hear from a variety of experts on topics such as paid search, mobile advertising, video marketing strategies, search engine marketing, social media, and more. We hope to see you at one of the following dates and locations:

March 24, 2016

Google Headquarters
1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy
Mountain View, CA

March 31, 2016

Google New York
76 Ninth Avenue 4th Floor
New York, NY

April 28, 2016

The Big Ten Conference Center
5440 Park Place
Rosemont, IL

Attendance is free but registration will be required.
(Registration for these events will open in January 2016.)

Carnegie Connect Webinar Series

Digital Marketing Strategies for 2016–Old and New

Date: Thursday, January 14, 2016
Time: 2 pm. EST

2016 is here! As we enter the new year, how are digital strategies for enrollment evolving and proving themselves most effective? What are some of the "new" digital marketing tactics being touted as the next big thing for enrollment? And more importantly, how do you stay tuned to the strategies that are both emerging and appropriate for your institution or for higher ed. in general? In this webinar, we'll review how several digital options for enrollment are continuing to develop, and we'll cover some of the "shiny new toys" both inside and outside higher ed. and walk through some of the vetting process for each. Topics and strategies will include geofencing, mobile, IP Targeting, Retargeting, audience modeling, search engine marketing, and more.

Register Now »

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The 6 M's of Mastering Your Integrated Marketing Campaign
All aspects of an integrated campaign should complement and reinforce each other. Find out why it's much more than just slapping the same logo on everything and calling it a day.

The 5 E-mail Rules You
Need to Be Following

You should be evaluating and enhancing your e-mail messages regularly. Does your e-mail pass these top five measurements?

What is Attention Ratio?
Landing Pages 101

Find out what attention ratio is, how it affects your conversions and ROI, and how it can help any campaign perform better. Part of our very popular landing pages 101 series.

8 Steps to Cultivating a Campus Culture That Supports Student Recruitment
Student recruitment is under pressure like never before to do more with less. But recruitment is not solely the job of the office of admission anymore. Check out these eight steps to change your campus culture and get all stakeholders involved.

Get the Yes: 7 Ideas to Build a Better Yield Campaign
Though there is no one simple solution that is going to guarantee the "yes", here are seven great ways to build your yield campaign.