What is Attention Ratio? Landing Pages 101

What is Attention Ratio? Landing Pages 101

In this installment of Landing Pages 101, we are going to take a look at something that is very important if you are focused on conversion: attention ratio. …Read More

Digital Byte: Bundle Up This Season with a Layered Strategy

Digital Byte: Bundle Up This Season with a Layered Strategy

This winter has been no joke: below-freezing temperatures, -30 degree wind chills, and several feet of snow have pummeled…Read More

On 'The Dark Side,'' I've Seen the Light

On "The Dark Side," I've Seen the Light

I recently joined Carnegie as a Regional Director after spending the past six years working on campus, and it's amazing how quickly…Read More

Student Search Strategies Lead to 153% Increase in Response

Student Search Strategies Lead to 153% Increase in Response

Yes, you read that right: a 153% increase in student leads. Since 2008, the number of unique students…Read More

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"Wait, it's possible to target our Search lists online? How?"

Segment your lists, target your message, and be visible online. Whether it's an inquiry database, search list, alumni database or high value businesses for recruitment, IP Select lets you send your online marketing right into the devices at a specific street location over their IP address. This webinar will give you some great ideas on how to leverage this technology to enhance your recruitment efforts. Come prepared for a "What? How is that possible?" moment.

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A Teenager's View on Social Media
An interesting take from a teenager on what social networks he and his cohorts use and what they use them for. Always try to be up to speed on what students are up to and where to reach them.

How to Create Landing Pages That Address the Emotional Needs of Prospects
Fulfilling the emotional needs of prospects on your landing pages motivates them and it can lead to more conversions. What will motivate someone to fill out your form? Ask yourself these questions and you might be surprised.

Search Is Number One Content Discovery Tool For Mobile Users
One of the key findings in this report is that search and social media are the primary ways that mobile users discover new content on their smartphones. It's a mistake for marketers to neglect the mobile web.

Making Sense Of Your Google Analytics
Using Google analytics is a crucial part of your online success. Without analytics you can't tell if your website is doing what you think it is. Here is some basic information that will help you understand your site and your visitors.

2015: The Year E-mail Goes Mobile-Only?
If you haven't already started to make all your e-mail look great on mobile devices make this the year. Users on mobile devices are more inclined to read the content in the e-mail itself rather than follow a link to a Web page. This impacts not only the amount of content but which content you should provide.