Carrnegie Conversations
December 2016
12 Days of Digital

12 Days of Digital

Jaime Oleksik

What do higher education marketers want this year? These 12 digital marketing tips!

The Benefits of Sponsored InMail on LinkedIn for Lead Generation

The Benefits of Sponsored InMail on LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Vincent Sciplini

With more than 77 million professionals on LinkedIn in the US, those in the graduate…

Why We Love Google Data Studio

Why We Love
Google Data Studio

Rebecca Blanchette

Google’s new data reporting and visualization tool is here to solve your Google Analytics woes.

6 Reasons Digital Marketing is a Must for Yield Communications

6 Reasons Digital Marketing is a Must for Yield Communications

Christine Kramer

“Yield is going to be important this year.” This phrase gets thrown around in…

Carnegie Conference

Carnegie Connect Webinar Series

"Wechat Basics: Where Wechat Fits in Your China Recruitment and Communications Plans"

With more than 700 million active users each month, WeChat reaches over 90% of the students and families that matter to you in China. WeChat is more than a Chinese replica of Facebook or Twitter. WeChat has evolved into a powerful commerce and communications ecosystem that enables messaging, social media posting, real-time and automated customer service, payments, microsites, online classes, and more. This reach, usage, and functionality means that WeChat is quickly replacing e-mail as a primary source of institution-to-consumer communication. This webinar will help you begin creating a WeChat strategy for your team.

You’ll learn: WeChat vs. Facebook Twitter and Linkedin, what types of WeChat accounts are right for you, strategies for building your audience, and how to deepen applicant engagement via WeChat

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9 Things You Need to Know
About E-mail in iOS 10

Here’s everything e-mail marketers should know about iOS 10 and the updates it brings to Mail on iPhone and iPad.

Q&A With MailCharts: The Ultimate Guide To E-mail File Size & Load Times
A/B testing in your e-mail campaigns is very important, but don’t just stop at testing subject lines, calls to action, and reheated text.

Google is Cracking Down on Intrusive Mobile Pop-Ups: Here's What Marketers Need to Know
So when Google announced its impending smackdown on mobile pop-up ads last month, it came as no surprise that the major reason behind it was to enhance the user experience. Here is some great information on what you should be doing.

Snapchat Video Ads Average
Less Than 3 Seconds a View

This is leading some advertisers to wonder whether that's long enough to win over consumers.