Carrnegie Conversations
March 2016
Digital Byte: Finding Reach, Relevancy, and Results in Facebook and Instagram

Digital Byte: Finding Reach, Relevancy, and Results in Facebook and Instagram

Angie Ward

With the Snapchats, Twitters, and Tumblrs of today, how do you navigate the social opportunities that exist…

The 4 'Whos' of Digital Marketing

The 4 “Whos” of Digital Marketing

Mark Cunningham

Digital marketing technologies and strategies seem to be advancing significantly every day. For enrollment marketers, staying tuned…

Google’s New SERP Demands a Not-So-New Strategy

Google’s New SERP Demands a Not-So-New Strategy

Gabrielle Connelly

In the wake of Google’s SERP (search engine results page) update last month, which effectively rids the page…

Press Release: Carnegie and Semcasting Partnership Advances IP Targeting and Audience Modeling Capabilities for Higher Education

Meeting Non-traditional Students Where They Are

Melissa Rekos

Are you meeting non-traditional students where they are in their journey? One of the biggest challenges…

Carnegie Conference

Carnegie Connect Webinar Series

"Recorded Webinar: Demo of Carnegie's Enrollment Marketing Services"

Watch an overview of Carnegie Communications’ services. In this 30-minute session, we review a number of different ways we’re helping colleges and universities nationwide, including digital strategies like Online Display, IP Targeting, Geofencing/Mobile/Location-based Marketing, Look-alike Modeling, Social Media, Retargeting, Pay Per Click, and SEO. We also cover how we can fill your funnel with qualified inquiry generation options for traditional undergraduate, international, transfer, and graduate.

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6 Ways to Use Google Analytics You Haven’t Thought Of
Here are a few quick new ways to use GA to give you some valuable information you can make decisions with.

8 Ways To Boost Your Website’s Performance
Improve both your users' experience and your SEO by making sure your site is optimized for speed. You will be happy you did.

Confirmed: Google To Stop Showing Ads On Right Side Of Desktop Search Results
Now we'll want our competitive, high ROI ads to be top of mind and immediately visible to a user.

Google Tag Assistant Chrome Plugin
Check out this short video on how to use the extension and make sure you have your tags loading correctly on any page.