Carrnegie Conversations
October 2016
Digital Definitions

A Higher Ed Marketer’s Guide to Digital Marketing Terms and Definitions

Alexa Poulin

The digital marketing landscape has exploded in higher education over the last five years. Higher ed marketers are embracing…

The Latest From Our Partners at Google

The Latest From Our
Partners at Google

Mark Cunningham

Recently, I got to experience one of the benefits of being a Google Premier Partner. I, along with several other…

Why it is Best Not to Delete Webpages (and the Importance of Redirects)

Why it is Best Not to Delete Webpages (and the Importance of Redirects)

Rebecca Blanchette

It’s not uncommon for colleges and universities to come across the need to delete webpages. Perhaps you…

Social Media

Facebook Is All-In On Mobile Marketing—Removing Barriers in Lead Generation for Higher Education

Gabrielle Connelly

In today’s mobile-centric world…

Carnegie Conference

Carnegie Connect Webinar Series

"Demonstrated Interest – How to Fill the Top of Your Funnel"

From sophomores to seniors, it’s critical for you to identify the students who are the right fit for your school. CollegeXpress, the most powerful lead-generation service in higher education today, reaches more than three million college-bound students across the country each year and lets you target them based on academic achievement level, program interest, religious affiliation, ethnicity, and more—freeing up budget dollars for other areas of need throughout the funnel. Using the latest in digital and traditional reach and engagement strategies, CollegeXpress puts your school in front of students and parents where they’re spending their time and in ways that will drive response.

During this session, we’ll review this simple solution that can fill your funnel with thousands of prospective students who have specifically expressed interest in your institution.

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Understanding View-Through
Conversions In Google AdWords

Read this piece to learn more about view-through conversions and understand more about your display campaigns.

Gmail Update: Support for Embedded Styles and Media Queries Has Arrived!
Here is a great article on some recent long overdue changes to Gmail that will make your e-mail look a whole lot better on their platform.

Penguin 4.0: Was It Worth the Wait?
Google announced that a Penguin update has rolled out and that Penguin is now operating in real time. Another reason to make sure your SEO is on point and you aren’t hurting yourself.

Google Announces Slew of Search Ads and Analytics Updates at SMX East
The search ads news centered around audience targeting, while the analytics announcements ranged from new integrations for Tag Manager to the global release of a free version of Optimize 360. Check this article out for a quick list of some great updates available now.