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Carnegie is a leader in higher education marketing and recruitment—we’ve been doing it for 30 years. Our proven lead generation and digital marketing services deliver results: we connect colleges with the right students and students with the right college. We will help you meet your recruitment and enrollment goals. It’s what we do.

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Lead Gen

Lead Generation

Finding you the right students, at the right time, in the right place is at the heart of what we do. We are experts at generating leads for schools across all channels: print, online, direct mail, and e-mail.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We understand the unique challenges colleges and universities face in this highly competitive landscape. We'll drive high-quality student prospects to you through any or all of our digital services.

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Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

We can help you create, customize, and deliver targeted and highly personalized direct mail and e-mail campaigns that augment and complement your digital marketing strategy.

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The Right Solution

We don't believe that there is just one solution -- it's important to explore every available option to see which one yields the highest results. Our higher education integrated marketing makes use of a diverse selection of tools in the tangible and digital world to make sure we're reaching your audience in every possible way.

Recent news & insights

6 High-Impact Options for Remaining Fiscal Budgets

6 High-Impact Options for Remaining Fiscal Budgets
May 15, 2015
by Mark Cunningham

Fiscal year budgets. With May 1 having just passed, concerns about melt at a peak, focus shifting to a rising senior class, and so much more, this is a time of year here at Carnegie where we are approached by a lot of colleges asking for information on how they can best use some remaining fiscal year budget dollars. It’s not the worst situation to be in to have some leftover resources like this, but it is critical that these dollars address key priorities for the institution.…read more

Digital Byte: 3 Things to Remember This Summer (Besides Sun Block)

Digital Byte: 3 Things to Remember This Summer (Besides Sun Block)
May 12, 2015
by Angie (Wirtanen) Ward

Deposits are in, commencements are wrapping up, and budgeting is full swing for the next fiscal year. With May’s whirlwind of activity, it’s often easy to relax your efforts in the summer and focus on putting together new fall marketing strategies. But let’s not forget that summer is a key time to get your digital campaigns underway, targeting those incoming juniors and seniors, whether they are just starting their college search journey or filling out those final applications.…read more

The Wearable Web: Offering Unique Ways to Connect With Future Prospects.

The Wearable Web: Offering Unique Ways to Connect With Future Prospects.
May 5, 2015
by Tyler Glaude

Apple Watch, HoloLens, and Cicret are all wearable devices emerging on today’s market. They are constantly connected to the Internet, allowing for notifications, promotions, and e-mails to be displayed in new and more immersive ways. My friends, we are in the future.…read more

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