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Carnegie Dartlet's Official GDPR Statement

Carnegie Dartlet
May 17, 2018

Carnegie Dartlet is ready for the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25, 2018.  Carnegie Dartlet has reviewed and updated its: privacy policies; consents for the collection of personal data; and internal data handling procedures.  As a result, we are prepared for and committed to GDPR compliance as of that date. Carnegie Dartlet has a group assigned to oversee its GDPR readiness, implementation, and ongoing compliance.

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Ready for Launch: A Guide to Positioning Your New Academic Program for Success

Eric Page
May 16, 2018

Creating a new higher ed program can be made easier by conducting keyword research, creating awareness, and developing a useful landing page. Learn about these steps and more today!

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5 “Buyer Beware” Questions to Ask Your IP Targeting Vendor

Alexa Poulin
May 7, 2018

Higher education institutions using IP targeting for their digital marketing campaigns should know about custom audiences, their IP data source, match rates, and more. Learn about IP targeting today!

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How to Use Instagram Stories in Higher Education Marketing

Katie Maier
May 1, 2018

Higher ed institutions can use Instagram stories for all phases of marketing including campus events and branding. Learn more today!

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