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Graduate Recruitment

For many colleges and universities, graduate school recruitment is as important as undergraduate recruitment. At Carnegie, we understand the importance of graduate student enrollment, and we are up to the task. We will work with you to effectively reach your graduate, non-traditional, online, and continuing education audiences.

One size does not fit all

We have tried and true experience with graduate school recruitment and understand the nuances of this market. We know this audience is distinct, how they search is unique, and how they respond is different still. We will create a customized, integrated marketing solution that builds a strategy specifically catered to the graduate and non-traditional student market.

Lead generation expertise

Based on our three decades of lead generation experience, we are leveraging our integrated marketing knowledge and have created the most cost effective way to generation student leads for the graduate and adult market with our Graduate Colleges & Universities (GC&U) platform.

Let us help you with your graduate recruitment. Contact us to get started!