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IP Targeting

The Ultimate Integration of Online and Offline Student Marketing Efforts

By matching a prospect’s mailing address to their home IP address, IP Targeting lets you strategically deliver relevant messages to anyone in that residence, including parents and other influencers, on every device they’re using. Think of this strategy as the new postcard—only better!

You provide the list, and we’ll provide the reach, frequency, and message exposure you need.

IP Targeting is an effective strategy in higher education to:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Drive event registrations
  • Promote key dates and deadlines
  • Increase Student Search engagement

Your list drives the message

  • Use any suspect list (GRE, SAT, PSST, MCAT) and support your traditional marketing with an online presence, driving conversations to support your Student Search.
  • Use a list you already own like alumni lists to promote your newest ranking or ask your alumni to give back.
  • Leverage a prospective student list to drive an application deadline.
  • Use an accepted student list for yield marketing.
  • Take any list you own, purchase, or cultivate to find new students that resemble those on that list with look-alike modeling.

We can match 85% of the names you provide with an IP address—the best match rate in the industry. Contact us about integrating your traditional and digital strategies with IP Targeting!

Ask us why Retargeting, Social Media Marketing, and Pay Per Click are great compliments to IP Targeting.