Join us January 23-24, 2019 for our annual Carnegie Conference!
Conferences & Events

2019 Conference Dates


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    • NAICU

      February 3-6
      Washington, DC
    • Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

      February 11-13
      St. Petersburg, FL


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    • Association for Continuing Higher Education

      March 4-6
      Tucson, AZ
      Presenting: Put Yourself in Their Shoes: User Experience Throughout the Digital Journey, From Advertising to Your Website
    • Ohio ACAC

      March 10-12
      Long Beach, CA
    • CUPRAP Spring Conference

      March 13-15
      Lancaster, PA
      Presenting: Human Connection and Your Prospective Students’ Online Journey
    • CASE Social Media Conference

      March 14-15
      Boston, MA
      Presenting: SEO & Social Media: Reshaping Organic Marketing Track: Marketing & Communications
    • National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR)

      March 24-26
      San Antonio, TX
    • Texas ACAC

      March 24-26
      Dallas, TX
    • Texas Association for College Admission Counseling

      March 24-26
      Dallas, TX
    • UPCEA Annual Conference

      March 27-29
      Seattle, WA


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    • GPACAC

      April 7-9
      Omaha, NE
    • Southern Association for College Admissions Counseling

      April 7-9
      Atlanta, GA
    • Public Relations Society of America Higher Education Summit (PRSA)

      April 10-12
      Washington, DC
    • NAGAP

      April 10-13
      Toronto, Canada
    • CASE - Social Media Conference

      April 24-26
      Portland, OR
      Presenting: Using Social Media to Boost Your Recruitment Efforts
    • CASE Annual Conference on Marketing and Branding

      April 29-May 1
      Philadelphia, PA


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    • Michigan ACAC

      May 2-3
      Battle Creek, MI
    • Going Global

      May 13-15
      Berlin, Germany
    • Fitzwilliam Conference

      May 19-21
      Rindge, NH
    • New Jersey ACAC

      May 19-21
      Atlantic City, NJ
    • Minnesota ACAC

      May 20-21
      Minneapolis, MN
    • Rocky Mountain ACAC (RMACAC)

      May 20-22
      Phoenix, AZ
    • Pacific Northwest ACAC (PNACAC)

      May 20-22
      Phoenix, AZ
    • Western Association for College Admission Counseling (WACAC)

      May 20-22
      Phoenix, AZ
    • Rocky Mountain ACAC (RMACAC)

      May 20-21
      Phoenix, AZ
    • NAFSA

      May 26-21
      Washington, DC